Spaghetti is an independent design consultancy. Run by 2 partners, and connected to a network of 12 associates who are all friends and working at the cutting edge of their individual fields.

We work in Birmingham, London, Oslo, Valencia and Barcelona. We partner with you to design everything: ventures, organisations products, services, identities, architecture, interiors, exhibitions, websites, and digital installations.

Each of our clients works directly with one or more of our partners, and we use our network to build a team around you that can support in achieving your goals. To our projects we bring the ethos of: Freedom, Love, Self-Expression, Quality and Resilience, which is actively demonstrated by the considered live experiments Spaghetti has been running for the last 2 years.


Helping communities to feel empowered through design, and organisations to co-create innovative solutions by rethinking engagement.


Facilitating innovative cultures and intrepreneurship by breaking down organisational barriers to solve specific briefs.


Supporting those embarking on new ventures to understand what design can offer, building experimental cultures and business models.


Exploring how trends at the intersection of sectors offer new possibilities and opportunities, now and in the future.